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SFX Kicks Off October with Massive Stock Rally

Remember how in the first few days after TomorrowWorld the overall sentiment was harshly negative? Then as time wore on a bit more and people reflected, they realized they still loved the festival. In fact, the general mood on social media has swung back in favor of the festival. Well, that’s sort of what happened with SFX stock this week. After reaching perilous low levels hovering around 40 cents a share in the aftermath of the muddy mess, SFX stock shot up on Monday. It was sitting in the 90 cent range on Monday before dipping to 85 cents on Tuesday. To sum it up, the stock jumped over 39% on Monday and is now up 57.7% over the past month. As the company extends its deadline for purchase offers to complete due diligence, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Time will tell if SFX continues the rally into Wednesday, but hopefully come festival season 2016 we will see a revitalized SFX.

Source: AmericanTradeJournal

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