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Skrillex Teases “Red Lips” Remix as Anticipation Reaches Fever Pitch

Collectively, GTA and Skrillex must be getting tired of the near constant questioning about a certain piping hot remix. Neither GTA nore Sonny can have any type of interview or social media activity without people asking for info on the Skrillex remix of “Red Lips“. The absolutely bonkers remix has been the opener for Skrillex live sets throughout the entire summer season, and people can’t get enough of it. When GTA released a remix album, excitement reached dangerous levels only for the Skrillex take to be left off. Rumors continue raging even now, blaming everyone from labels to Skrillex himself for the delay.

UPDATE 10/22: GTA Teasing


Suddenly, things went from 0 to 100 instantly as Skrillex finally spoke up about the remix. A simple tweet acknowledging the remix was enough to send fans into a frenzy, especially on Reddit. We can only hope a release is imminent as we’ve also seen more and more artists incorporate the remix into their sets. Rest easy Skrillex fans, the Red Lips remix is almost here.

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