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3-Year-Old DJ Takes ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’ By Storm

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When it comes to parents signing-up their youngsters on talent shows such as (Your Country Here)’s Got Talent, you can’t help but have that pre-conceived notion in your head the kid will probably be more so cute, rather than extremely talented. Majority of parents foresee their child becoming a superstar the first time they voluntarily put on a show at the family Christmas party. Britney, Beibs, Beyonce…home vid submissions lead to their fame.

Seems like more often than not, you watch the little ones on stage knowing halfway into their performance, a seriously awkward situation is about to go down- the judges informing the parents their pride and joy is not on the fast-track to stardom. That being said, 3-year-old DJ Arch Jr from South Africa, who can barely form full sentences, is out to prove the haters wrong. He’s already made quite the name for himself online, but South Africa’s Got Talent is definitely his biggest challenge to date.

DJ Arch Jnr can in fact throw down beats better than some DJs I have seen who are in their twenties.  Although, his adorable little face throughout the performance read as clueless, he let the music speak for itself. The audience went absolutely crazy; and it wasn’t due to his angelic appearance, but because the little tyke’s actually got some skills.  For EDM fanatics hoping to be a parent one day, it’s safe to say this is their dream child.  Only a matter of time before this little one is headlining UMF.

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