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Axwell Debuts “Waiting For So Long”, Hints At SHM Return

Axwell - Waiting For So Long (Gloria)

Axwell – Waiting For So Long (Gloria)

The Axtone Records head honcho and one half of the powerhouse duo of Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Axel Hedfors (professionally known as Axwell), previews his latest single “Waiting For So Long“. It’s dedicated to his incredible wife Gloria and comes in the midst of the ten year anniversary of the start of Axtone.

Waiting For So Long” is not the typical club banger that you come accustomed to hearing from Axwell but more of a slow tempo, upbeat, romantic dance track. Axwell stated in his interview with Beats 1 that he did not always want to give his wife “material gifts” to show his love to her and that music can be more powerful. He goes on to say that it’s a song straight from the heart, as it was made just before they got married.

Axwell – Waiting For So Long (Gloria) + Beats 1 interview

Also, Axwell gives us a little hope that maybe the Swedish House Mafia might come back together by saying:

We think about it every now and then, you know what we left, what we did, what we accomplished and everything, and how it would be to do something together again. But I think, the only thing is that time will tell pretty much. We have been blessed to be riding this wave, and just ahead of the wave for some time now, so you know we are able to do exactly what we want, which is a blessing. You know this song that we just played, it was just like no thoughts, no need, no nothing, just music. Who knows what happens in the future, we might get a sudden urge for Swedish House Mafia again… who knows!

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