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deadmau5 Debuts “NVIDIA” During Twitch Live Stream


deadmau5 – NVIDIA

Well over a year has passed since deadmau5 released his huge double album While(1 < 2), and in the mean time, there has not been too much in the way of new music from him (although he has maintained his presence in the headlines).

The Canadian producer has kept in touch with his fan base through his regularly broadcast live streams on Twitch, and the past few weeks have given us a deeper view into the Mau5′ production process. The best part is that we’ve been graced with two new songs, “Imaginary Friends” and “NVIDIA“, the latter bringing back some of his darker sounds.

The song was premiered in his November 9 stream as a finished WAV file, which points to the song having been finished and exported from Ableton. Reminiscent of his 4×4=12 album, “NVIDIA” has glitchy bass and heavy hitting drums intertwined with deadmau5′ traditional progressive house feel and sound. The harder nature of the song goes well with the other recently streamed song “Imaginary Friends”,  and gives off the same vibe, but in half the time.

Listen to “NVIDIA” and “Imaginary Friends” by deadmau5 below

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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