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Skrillex & deadmau5 Are Going At It On Twitter… Again


When deadmau5 moved out of his Toronto condo and into a house in the middle of nowhere, we thought there would be a chance that he would become disconnected from the outside world. Clearly, that did not happen, as the superstar is in yet another Twitter feud. This time, it’s with his former mentee, Skrillex. Interestingly enough, the two artists got into a little kerfuffle back in August after Skrillex commented on Joel’s negative attitude. deadmau5 responded by saying that he is aware he can be a “fucking diva” at times and that this is most likely a result of “internal shit” he’s been dealing with.

Flash-forward to today and it seems like the beef was sparked by this particular tweet:

Skrillex didn’t take that comment lightly and fired back with this series of tweets:  photo 11138105_10205472542588684_4961780254848578468_n_zpsoktuuo9y.jpg

Things didn’t stop there though, as deadmau5 fired off some more tweets directed at Sonny. Here are some of the highlights:


We have a feeling that we haven’t seen the end of deadmau5 vs. Skrillex, so check back for updates.

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