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Facebook Introduces Music Stories

music stories

Once again, Facebook is trying to become the ultimate social media platform by revolutionizing music sharing. Music Stories, the new feature which will take effect this week, allows users to post snippets of their favorite songs on the social media site from Spotify or Apple Music. The user would simply copy the song’s URL path from either of the two streaming services and paste it on Facebook like they would a written blurb or link. Friends and other users would be able to see the selection and listen to upwards of 30 seconds before possibly clicking on the song. This will take them back to the original streaming service to buy, like, add to playlist, etc. Music Stories give users the ability to preview their friends’ or favorite artists’ current tastes while discovering new music. They’ll also be able to comment on the user’s choice just like any post made on the social media platform. Facebook also plans to include more streaming services in the future.

We’re introducing “Music Stories” today to enable better music discovery and sharing on Facebook. The new post format…

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