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Finding And Losing Love With Kaskade & Studio C

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Anyone who has ever been to a dance music event will probably tell you that they saw at least one couple making out while “feeling the music”. In this comedic skit from Studio C and Kaskade, you can see exactly how that happens, or something similar to it.

The spoof tells a story about two characters, Jeremy and Amy. Jeremy is fed up with Amy’s harsh attitude and lack of appreciation in their relationship, but can’t seem to break up with her. Every time the drop comes around, they get back together after having just broken up. The song used for the video is one of Kaskade’s newest productions in “Disarm You“. Contrary to the theme of the skit, the song is about escaping reality and finding a love that allows you to be who you truly are without fear of being hurt or ridiculed.

However, the odd couple isn’t the only focus of the skit. There’s also a guy who can’t stop making out with his older professors and another guy whose main focus isn’t finding love in the traditional sense. Rather than putting his happiness in the hands of someone else, he shamelessly chows down on a plate of hot wings. And who can blame him? Personally, I would take the free plate of hot wings over anybody at a rave, but you can decide that for yourself. In the meantime, check out the skit below and subscribe to Kaskade and Studio C on YouTube.

Dennis Tran
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