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Marco Rubio Continues his Appreciation for Dance Music

In politics, everybody wants to tell you they’re just a regular person like you and me. It’s always funny to watch politicians attempt to be cool by name dropping “hip” musicians from the 80s or whoever the biggest celebrity in the world is at the moment. Nothing screams hip like a 70 year old political oligarch who hasn’t driven a car since 1996 taking a forced selfie with the Kardashians. Often times, those attempts end up looking a lot like this.

However, this election cycle is actually bringing about a candidate who might just be the real deal. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is almost certainly the first US presidential candidate to ever indicate a fondness or even an understanding of EDM. A few months back, Marco mentioned in an interview that he likes David Guetta, Axwell Ingrosso, and Swedish House Mafia. He also landed himself in some hot water for playing Axwell Ingrosso’s “Something New” at campaign stops without permission.

More recently, he has shown his love for Tiesto as well. Before the dance music snobs start criticizing, realize that he is still light years ahead of any other high profile politician and most adults. Clearly, a young Miami native is a likely candidate to bring EDM into the White House as it’s a town that has a dance music FM radio station, Ultra Music Festival, and some of the world’s most renowned nightclubs. Check out the interview below and you can’t help but sympathize with Marco’s explanation of EDM to the interviewer who, as usual, clearly doesn’t get it. Perhaps us experienced fans should give him some additional artist suggestions and maybe one day soon we can have a White House inaugural DJ set.

We wouldn’t have pegged Marco Rubio as a Tiësto fan, but he is.More from Jamie Gangel’s interview with the GOP presidential hopeful:

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