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Markus Schulz Abandons Pyro in Wake of Tragedy

Everybody knows one of the most amazing aspects of music festivals is the outstanding production, specifically the pyrotechnics and fireworks. Where else can you see fireballs synchronized with the beat? Unfortunately, over the weekend tragedy struck when pyrotechnics caused a nightclub fire in Bucharest, Romania. The incident killed at least 29 people and injured about 200 and sent shockwaves through the club world.

Trance DJ Markus Shulz was so affected by the accident, he has taken to Facebook to announce that he will no longer allow pyro at any of his club shows. He has also called on other DJs to take the same stance, for greater safety an awareness. American fans will probably realize that in the US, pyro or fire in nightclubs is already very rare for this exact reason. Let’s hope nightclubs can learn from this accident to increase safety around the world.

Dear friends,Today I remain deeply affected by the tragic news from Romania last night, where 27 people died and over…

Posted by Markus Schulz on Saturday, October 31, 2015

Source: ABC News

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