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New Yorkers Are Trying To Put A Stop To Time Warp US

Time Warp USA
“Nobody listens to techno, now let’s go” is what some Brooklyn residents are saying about the second annual Time Warp Festival. The festival is receiving some backlash before it begins due to “quality of life” issues. The event will host incredible talent from all over the world like Luciano and Time Warp resident Sven Vath.

Time Warp USA is not foreign to location issues, as last year, it had to change venues after permit issues. Despite all the negative backlash coming from residents, it has responded with absolutely no concern to the pushback, saying, “All procedures thus far have been properly handled. We are underway for a seamless event at Bedford Union Armory”.

Time Warp’s second annual festival will take place at the Bedford-Union Armory from Friday November 20th to Saturday November 21st. For tickets and more information, head over here.

Time Warp USA Lineup

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