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Nicky Romero Finally Opens Up About Anxiety Issues

When EDMTunes sat down to talk with superstar DJ and producer Nicky Romero back in March, he briefly mentioned that a health issue had been keeping him out of the studio, among a few other factors, like the expansion of his Protocol Records label. Now, in a post to his Facebook, Romero revealed that for the last two and a half years, he’s been suffering from anxiety. Directly referencing inquiries about his lack of releases over the last few years, he explains that anxiety makes it difficult to create music, and saps him of his energy. The dance-music mainstay sought the treatment of several therapists and professionals, to no avail. Fortunately, it seems, Romero has found some relief, thanks for a small book called “At Last a Life” by Paul David. Romero concludes the post by apologizing to his fans. Hopefully, given this news, the Dutch musician will be back in rare form in no time. Check out his full post for yourself below.


A personal message for everyone!

Posted by Nicky Romero onĀ Sunday, November 15, 2015


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Austin Goldman
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