ODESZA Continues To Tease Monster Trap-Influenced ID



The duo known as ODESZA is one of the most unique and complete acts in electronic music to-date. With a wide range of beats and tempos paired against chopped up ambient vocals, each one of their songs is as different as the next. Now in the midst of a massive global tour, the pair is currently making its way through North America, traveling from one sold out show to another. With each show garnering rave reviews, one of ODESZA’s tracks in particular has been consistently sending crowds into an utter frenzy.

Sounding nothing like ODESZA’s specific musical style, the nameless track veers towards a trap-influenced sound. A deep thundering horn-like beat dominates the song, as a sizzling drum combination provides added punctuation and a brisker pace. Although some fans believe the track’s title is “Make Me Feel Better (ODESZA Remix)”, there is no official confirmation from the duo on this. Although it remains an ID for now, ODESZA has featured the track in many of their live sets, including at Coachella, Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza among other large festivals. All we can hope for is that this monster ID gets released soon, but in the meantime, be ready to hear this thumping tune next time you see them live.