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Steve Angello’s ‘Wild Youth’ Will Be Split Into Chapters

Just over a week ago, fans of Steve Angello woke up to a peculiar Instagram post containing  the text: “11.1 — 11.20 — 1.22” accompanied by the Wild Youth album logo on a black background. Fan speculation in the comments favored the idea that November 1st would see the release of the album’s next single, the full album would come on November 20th, and the announcement of a Wild Youth world tour would occur on January 22nd. The November 1st rumour proved to be true when Angello debuted ‘Remember’ on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe, also confirming that the album would arrive on November 20th. However, when discussing Wild Youth in an interview at Web Summit, we now know that “1.22” was not referring to a tour announcement, but rather the release date of the second chapter of Wild Youth.

“I’m having cool launches within the album. Now I’ve decided to split my album and do chapters, where we have a pre-order that releases a couple of tracks. Then we go into a chapter of the album, which is going to be half the album. Then we present six videos, then we go into the second half, then we go with six other videos.” – Steve Angello

This development comes as another hit to fans who just want to hear the album already, but those who have been closely following the Wild Youth saga know that Steve Angello has been very methodical in every move he’s made, and this will just build the anticipation further. While we might have to wait an extra two months to hear the second chapter of the album, we’ve made it this far and another two months won’t hurt.

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