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Dance Music Fans Rejoice As Yahoo! Cancels Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ Show

A week after Yahoo! announced the cancellation of its series Pursuit, it appears the search-engine-turned-content producer has pulled the plug on a second show. Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ was set to place up and coming DJs against each other in front of a panel of judges. The judges tentatively included both Cowell and Steve Aoki. Simon Cowell’s show, dubbed the “American Idol for DJs” is another failure in a long line of Yahoo’s original content series. The company announced that they would be taking a $42 million write-down after realizing that other staples of their original content were unsustainable.

While this is a massive hit for Yahoo, it does not seem that many people within the dance music industry will be losing any sleep over the loss of a show that Fatboy Slim called “a terrible idea” during an interview with Digital spy. He also mentioned that dance music does not translate to television well (as we saw with The Chainsmokers on American Idol):

“I get offered loads of TV shows and they’re like, ‘Can you perform for five minutes?’ But DJ-ing takes two hours and an audience. It’s not like you can go out there and sing your latest song. Because of that, it will always remain slightly outside the mainstream.”

Source: Variety, Digital Spy

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