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909 Til Infinity – Bee Dee EP

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909 Til Infinity – Bee Dee EP

Both option4 and MANIK have had varied degrees of success producing quality records that grab people’s attention and eardrums. New possibilities are bound to arise when collaborations happen; with new genre combinations and producing styles clashing to create boundless tunes that spread the span of the music industry.

A few months ago, MANIK and option4 met up in LA and over the course of a few days, produced a ton of new material. The first, is a two track EP titled Bee Dee under the duo’s new moniker 909 Til Infinity in which the A-side contains ‘Bee’ and the B-side hosts ‘Dee’

‘Bee’ utilizes a signature distorted use of the title, giving the track a base on which to expand upon creativity wise with “You good girl” and “Shake it like a dirty martini” are among some of the other catchy phrases that encompass the listener’s attention for the 6.5 minute longer club smasher.

909 Til Infinity – Bee Dee EP | Beatport

Then there’s ‘Dee’. Toned done a tad after ‘Bee’ came out ablazing, the sizzling drum kit and seamless transitions accompany a darker atmosphere and the ingenious use of the word ‘dee’. Don’t let the deeper tone fool you into thinking this isn’t a dance floor hit because you’d be dead wrong.

The EP is out now on Treasure Finger’s label Psycho Disco and be on the look out for more material from 909 Til Infinity in the coming months. These tracks are a great start to new partnership.

James Harmon
Editor, Co-Owner/Label Manager for THNK TNK Records, 1/2 of Low Cut, hailing from Denver, Colorado
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