Dillon Francis and Porter Robinson Will Make a Track Together?

Two of dance music's most beloved artists might finally be coming together to collab thanks to a Twitter challenge.


Well this is an exciting development on a lazy Sunday. The always funny and entertaining Dillon Francis has been celebrating his IDGAFOS weekend with plenty of hilarity, but he just made a move that turned the laughs into gasps.

Early on Sunday Dillon Francis took to Twitter to say if his post for 5k retweets, he would make a collab with Porter Robinson. Well, in a surprise to nobody the post flew past the 5k mark and as far as Dillon is concerned, the collab is on. We’re still waiting to hear anything from Porter on this, but the possibilities are extremely exciting. How badly do you want this one?

It’s going down Porter Robinson

Posted by Dillon Francis on Sunday, December 20, 2015