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Ghastly Starts Beef With deadmau5, Hilarity Ensues

One thing is for sure, if you wanna bring attention to yourself you can’t go wrong with calling out Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5. While the mau5 has been called out numerous times in response to his own debatable antics, this latest Twitter beef was had no direct cause. Up and coming bass house producer Ghastly decided to start a Twitter beef completely out of the blue, with mixed results to say the least. While there are times when these call outs feel deserved, this is one of cases where Deadmau5 comes out looking like the bigger person. As it turns out, Joel was in the middle of a dentist procedure when the battle started and he seemed a little mystified by the randomness of the ordeal. Do you sympathize with Deadmau5 this time? Let us know in the comments.

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