The World’s Coolest Party: Iceland’s Secret Solstice Glacier Festival



The weather the last week has been pretty warm throughout the US, and specifically in the northeast where temperatures have risen into the high 50s to the low/mid 60s which is a rarity during this time of the year. With continuing fear of global warming and glacial retreating, people are looking for creative ways to use some of Earth’s icy terrain before it’s gone (even if that is years and years away). Secret Solstice 2016 will be taking place next June in Iceland as it comes back for its second annual festival inside the cave system of the Langjökull glacier.

Last year, they had less than a hundred lucky fans experience the once in a lifetime festival, which featured a performance by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Artwork. This year they will be having two shows on June 18th (Electronic/DJ show) & June 19th (Acoustic show) and will only be allowing 100 festival-goers each day so if you would like to experience something few will ever have to opportunity to try, buy your tickets to Secret Solstice 2016 here and watch the aftermovie of last year’s festival below!