LCD Soundsystem Is Reuniting & Will Be Performing At Coachella


Remember a few months back when everyone reported on a few circling rumors that legendary dance/rock group LCD Soundsystem would be getting back together 2016? Unfortunately, DFA Records label manager Kris Petersen shot the whole rumor mill down real quick with a few tweets that read, “Hey idiots, LCD Soundsystem isn’t reuniting” and “”They’re dead, along with your good looks and cultural relevance.” Even DFA cofounder Jonathan Galkin denied any such future reunion.


Well, it looks like that was just a diversion. The original story broke on Consequence of Sound, with them citing multiple anonymous sources that LCD Soundsystem would be performing at at least three music festivals in the U.S and U.K. One of those announced is Coachella, running the weekends of April 15-17 and April 22-24. Surprised? They have a nack for recruiting groups whom previously had ‘final tours’ into falling into old habbits. And by habbits, I mean collectively producing and touring together. On Christmas Eve, their surprise release of “Christmas Will Break Your Heart”, their first release in five years, brought more fire and substance to the original rumors.

Source: New York Times