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So why do DJs get paid millions to twist knobs?  In this mini-documentary, Uproxx examines the rise of DJ/producer NGHTMREWill Runzel, NGHTMRE’s manager, answered this question at the beginning of the video by simply stating:

“In reality, none of these guys got up there and are the best mixers on planet Earth, these are the best record producers on planet Earth.” 

The mini documentary takes you on the path that Tyler Marenyi (aka NGHTMRE) took to achieve stardom.  When asked what makes Tyler so different from other producers, his manager broke it down to a simple metaphor:

“It’s almost like the same thing as everyone is given the same 400 Legos and who’s gonna be able to build the best house.  The difference between Tyler and the other producers is that he’ll make 40 other Legos that no one has ever seen in their life and adds them to the other 400 and makes the most unique song you’ve ever heard.”

This level of dedication is seen in the video, as we see Tyler in the kitchen with a microphone and headphones, banging pots and pans in different areas to create the unique sound he is searching for.  The documentary proceeds to show Tyler in the studio where he breaks down how he used those sounds, put them into a track, and finalized them to make up the tune.  DJs don’t make millions to push buttons, they make millions to take something so ordinary and make it into something extraordinary.  In 2014, Tyler was attending EDC Las Vegas as a fan of the music.  In 2015, he was playing it.  Check out the documentary below. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

WHY DO DJs GET PAID MILLIONS TO TWIST KNOBS?Meet NGHTMRE, the DJ who reveals why Electronic Dance Music is an art form worthy of respect. Made possible by our friends Honda Stage & Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

Posted by UPROXX on Thursday, 17 December 2015

Source: Uproxx