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Three Police Officers Tested Positive For Drug Use At Stereosonic


Do you ever wonder what the security guards and police officers do with the drugs they confiscate from festival and party-goers? You would assume that they would either throw it away as trash or take it in as evidence or labs for testing. Well, that was not the case for three police officers at Australia’s famed traveling music festival Stereosonic, as they tested positive for methamphetamine and ecstasy.

The trio of officers had indulged in the drug use at the Perth leg of the festival and were caught after the police chief received a tip. The officers will not have charges for illegal drug use since they weren’t caught with anything. Western Australia’s Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan talked on the matter and expressed that:

“I am aware that they were targeted tests based on intelligence we had received some information about these officers. At some stage they must have obtained it (the drugs) from somebody so that is a concern for me.”

Just days earlier, a young woman died after a drug overdose at a separate log of the tour. Below, you can find a video of the Police Commissioner speaking about the tragedy.

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