React Presents: REACTION NYE 2015


Most people would agree, New Years Eve is pretty routine…you drop a nice chunk of a change on a fresh outfit, supplies needed for a pregame, and a ticket to a hit-or-miss good time at an over-priced party…at the same bars you go to on the weekends(broke-great way to start the New Year). Usually, the music is mediocre, the crowd is obnoxious, and drinks will empty out your wallet before the ball drops; yet year after year we opt to go this route, and from personal experience, it’s almost always a bust.

Then you consider another option- seeing your favorite DJs live in an enormous, spread out venue, surrounded by people with common interests/taste in music, no stress of “dress to impress,” and just a guaranteed good time. React Presents’ Halloween Freaky Deaky festival was a huge success, which is another reason why two-day Reaction New Years Eve festival in Rosemont, IL is the better, safer route when it comes to the likeliness of having an enjoyable night(s). One ticket is admission for two nights of celebrating the most hyped up holiday of the year. Most importantly, the two main headliners: Skrillex and Deadmau5– probably the perfect/most qualified DJ combo to end 2015 with a bang. Other top-artists include: CHVRCHES, Robin Schulz, Chance The Rapper, Cherub, Purity Ring, Thundercat, Get Real, Bonobo, and a handful of others to make an excellent line-up. Think this one’s a no-brainer, Reaction New Year’s Eve it is. There’s still time…purchase your tickets here!