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Soul Button – Wraith feat. Terry Grant


Soul Button – Wraith feat. Terry Grant

STEYOYOKE is a Berlin-based label with arguably the best taste for ambient and ethereal techno in the industry. Their small and hand picked roster of artists consistently releases grooving club music that is alive with space and disconcerting synth lines. One of these artists is Soul Button, and he’s caught my attention for his tasteful approach to my favorite genre.

His latest release is titled ‘Wraith’, ad features the subtle use of Terry Grant’s vocals to truly make the track come alive. The track is based off of two key elements that are bridged by the vocals. Firstly is the sustained bass synth that is jarring and ominous. As that low end keeps time with the minimal percussions, and arpeggiator works its way in and out of the mix to add a little melodic variety and to help ramp up the energy just ever so much.

William Vancehttps://soundcloud.com/willvancemusic
Currently Residing in Portland, Oregon. @EDMTunesWill https://soundcloud.com/willvancemusic
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