18,000 People Have Had Personal Information Stolen Following Faithless Website Hack



Consumers regularly purchase music and merchandise directly from artist’s personal website. When they do that, they launch their personal information into a digital cyberspace. We hope that the phantom world of the internet is protected, secured, and a safe place for our highly-regarded private details. Like a bank, sometimes, the internet gets broken into. Most recently, faithless.co.uk, the personal site for world-renowned electronic act, Faithless, was hacked, and 18,000 fans have had their personal information hijacked.

Malware software was uploaded via SQL injection which allowed digital thieves to illegally access protected information. Information, including e-mail addresses and passwords are now being sold on the internet’s black market. Elad Ben-Meir, vice-president of marketing for a digital security firm, released this statement on the breach:

“We have a system that collects cyber threat intelligence in real time, and as part of our work we uncovered a Faithless database being sold on the Dark Web, and we flagged it up with them.

“I think they fixed the issue but they didn’t quite go out and tell anyone that, so that leaves their fans, about 18,000 people, unaware that their private information has been compromised.”

As this story continues to develop, we’re confident that other private music retailers will revaluate their security in order to protect their customers. Mass-markets, such as Beatport, Apple, and Amazon, will also need to reassure members that their personal information is safe and secure.

Source: Mixmag