Daft Punk ‘Disco Cubizm’ Remix Reissue Kicks Off Versatile’s 20 Year Celebration


What a decade the 90s were. It’s a damn shame I (and a good many of you reader I’d be willing to wager) was too young to really enjoy the evolution of dance music in prior to it’s boom in the late 2000s. Daft Punk was just hitting the scene and the waves they made with like releases “The New Wave,” “Alive,” and “Da Funk” are still felt as ripples in today’s music. Though not an original, their 1996 remix of I:Cube’s “Disco Cubism” stands as one their most memorable offerings.

It’s in the news 20 years later as a pending reissue in March, as part of Versatile Records’ 20 year celebration series. Set to be the first in a line of anniversary reissues, “Disco Cubism” represents the great history of the Parisian label and their long standing relationship with Guy-Manuel and Thomas. If you’re keen on snagging yourself a copy, be quick; the track will release on 12″-vinyl along with a previously unreleased DJ Gregory remix of “Venus Sunshine People” on the B-side. You can always just stream it below, but if you want that extra bit crispness and vinyl warmth…we highly recommend grabbing this piece of history in March.


01. I:Cube – Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Remix)
02. Cheek – Venus Sunshine People (DJ Gregory Unreleased Pass)

Versatile Records will release Disco Cubizm / Venus EP on March 18th, 2016.

Label: Versatile

[H/T]: Resident Advisor