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Valentino Khan’s Music Video For “Deep Down Low” Is Psychotic

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Valentino Khan does not waste time supporting his tracks with some trippin’ visuals. Almost 10 months after releasing what would become the most played track of 2015, “Deep Down Low” finally gets its own music video, and it is psychotropic as hell.

It centers on a man walking down the streets of Tokyo and casually entering a local restaurant of patrons/cooks/servers who, little does he know, are already under the ‘influence.’ After downing the enabler via a glass of water, he begins to see hallucinations splattered across each person in the form of facial and bodily contortion, all morphing to the beat and words of the track in a creepy, almost fantastical, way. Eventually, there is a moment of truth, as an emotional journey deep down inside a female patron’s throat leads to cameos from Khan and Skrillex along with a feeling of transformation.

While the weirdness is expected from an OWSLA production, the music video does an amazing job tearing apart the simplicity of the setting. Watch the trippin’ music video, directed by Ian Pons Jewell, right now!

You can even unlock a free download of the VIP version, which reshapes the vocals and adds robotic accents to the beats, when you Shazam the video. Or just go to the official website. Listen to the “Deep Down Low (VIP Mix)” below!

Deep Down Low (VIP Mix) | Free Download

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