Debut Low End Theory Vinyl Release Features The Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, and More


The group of west-coast based, self-proclaimed bedroom producers who refer to themselves as Low End Theory have finally debuted their first vinyl production after almost a decade of hosting underground events. L.E.T. is hosted by the Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev, D-Styles, and Nobody who described their collectively orchestrated vinyl, Control Vinyl, as:

“a collection of jazz-inspired hip hop instrumentals, spitfire acappellas, heavy extra-terrestrial beats and scratch sentences. The vinyl is a unique black and white splatter comprising music on the A & C sides and Serato Control Tone on the B & D sides, making it both a showcase of signature L.E.T sounds and an imaginative tool for DJs”

The decision to partner with Serato – one of the industry leaders in music production software – proves that this product is a collection of DJ tools, not just music. For those who gripping tightly to their vinyl roots, this is a must-buy.

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A1: Nocando – A Cappella #1
A2: Nobody – BGH Rhythm Track
A3: Daddy Kev – Strong Johnson
A4: GLK – Up and Down
A5: D-Styles – Scratch Sentences #1
B1: Serato Control Tone – CV02.5 (15min)
C1: Nobody – On Our Way to Steal Your Girl
C2: Daddy Kev – Owl of Minerva
C3 : GLK – Oscillating Lucifer
C4: Nocando – A Cappella #2
C5: D-Styles – Scratch Sentences #2
D1 : Serato Control Tone – CV02.5 (15min)