Kygo Says Tropical House Is Here To Stay


Kygo recently wrapped up the biggest tour of his life, which featured a sold-out show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Over the course of the tour, he helped establish himself as a dominant force within the music industry by bringing out special guests like R. Kelly and Shaggy. The Norwegian artist doesn’t plan on stepping away from the spotlight any time soon and according to Kygo himself, the genre he helped pioneer will also be sticking around.

In a new interview with Huffington Post, Kygo discussed why people can’t get enough of tropical house. He states that:

“It’s a sound that is suited to pretty much any occasion. Whether you’re at a club, a bbq, an outdoor party or just relaxing with some friends, I think it works. It obviously also has a distinct summer feeling to it that brings you to the right place. I love what has become of the genre though. Other artists like my good friend, Thomas Jack, have really helped push the sound to all the right places.”

Even though Kygo become one of the biggest stars in electronic music, many people feel that tropical house is beginning to fade away. When asked about this, the “Stole The Show” producer responded by stating that:

“If I had to guess whether it would fade or stay, I’d bet on it sticking around. I think my music covers a broader sound than just ‘Tropical House’… My goal is to simply be a great producer in my own right without being pigeonholed.”

What do you guys think? Is tropical house here to stay?