Life In Color Prepares for 2016 Festival with Mini Documentary [Video]

The very own founders and crew of Life In Color, one of the world's most upcoming festivals, came together to bring us the story behind how it all started.


In 2006, group of best friends Sebastian Solano, Paul CampbellLukasz Tracz and Patryk Tracz got together with dreams of throwing potentially one of the biggest and best paint parties ever, and founded Dayglow. In 2007, they took upon that idea and went forward with it, leading up to their first ever event at Mekka Nightclub in Miami, Florida. The turnout was larger than expected, and year by year their creative idea bloomed. In 2012 Dayglow switched its name to Life In Color, and now four years later it is what it was set out to be: The world’s largest paint party.

Life In Color has come a long way to now touring worldwide in various countries, but now they’re returning to where it all started: Miami, Florida. With Life In Color: Miami approaching just a week from now on January 16th, these guys brought us an awesome mini-documentary to show us how everything got to where it is now. Check out their story below: