Markus Schulz Has Spent Two Years On His Upcomming New Album


Early in 2015 Markus Schulz released “Destiny” feat. Delacey. The track was long awaited by some, as the trance Godfather had more recently stepped into the world of harder rhythms in his 2012 and 2014 album releases. “Destiny”, on the other hand, delivered the Markus-Schulz sound from before the days of Unicorn slaying.

As it turns out, “Destiny”, was not a phenomenon, but just the first of 17 original tracks that Schulz has been working on for two years. Markus plans on releasing his 6th studio album. An official title and date have not been revealed, but it’s clear that the record will be more trance-y and has obviously been carefully written and designed.

Schulz released this statement on the album release:

“I just finished it. I’ve been working on this album for two years. Obviously, everybody’s heard one of the first singles from the album, “Destiny”…“Face Down” is another one. The album right now, as it sits, is 17 tracks, and I think the best is yet to come. Like I said, it took me two years to make as I worked with some immensely talented songwriters on this album and I’m just very proud of it.”