Mat Zo Creates Online Forum For Producers


mat zo
Mat Zo was electronic music’s vigilante in 2015, speaking out about controversial topics such as ghostwriting and selling out. While he notably retweeted a list of artists that use ghost producers, his general emphasis was on following musical passion and artistic integrity over money and fame. His infamous Twitter rant included a plea to emerging artists to follow their passions and embrace their nerdy personas and interests. Ninth Parallel, who has crafted some awe-inspiring tracks like “Verloren” and his remix of Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices“, responded to Zo and was inspired by his message. These two are now teaming up with similarly skilled artists Daydreamer and Orno to create The Producer’s Forum, an online production haven.

Mat Zo came up with the idea for The Producer’s Forum yesterday, after wistfully discussing times of open communities and honest production feedback. He quickly registered a domain and built the site, complete with one section for sharing tracks and receiving feedback and another for discussing production. The forum has already received support on Twitter from some big name producers such as Henry Fong, Jason Ross and Manila Killa. There have also been thousands of posts already including many from Mat Zo himself, with various talented upcoming producers joining such as Fusq, Puppet, Xilent and Murtagh.

It seems like Mat Zo has taken a constructive step after lambasting the state of electronic music, successfully breaking down its cliquey segregation by creating an open forum for producers. He also has successfully gotten producers such as Ninth Parallel, Daydreamer and Orno to embrace their inner nerd and dive headfirst into the laborious task of mastering the art of production.