Modestep Debuts #SKINSESSIONS With Drum Cover Of “On Our Own”


Last summer, EDMTunes had a chance to travel with Modestep as they embarked on their North American tour. There probably isn’t any other electronic music act on the planet that can do what Modestep does. They traveled across the country with a full band, including piano/vocals, dj/guitar, lead guitar, and drums, plus a stage crew and management. After returning to their European home, the band has been relatively quiet on social media. On January 14th, the band posted this to facebook: “Back in the studio, new music incoming..”

Continuing to honor the art of live instrumenting, released today was Modestep’s “#SKINSESSIONS” Episode 001. The video features drummer Pat Lundy recording a cover of the band’s single “On Our Own”, which was featured on their 2015 sophomore album London RoadPat joined Modestep in 2014 after playing with several rock bands including Funeral For A Friend. This is just another great look-in at how live performances have the ability to impact electronic music. According to Lundy, there’s “plenty more fire where that comes from my dogs! Hold tight.”