Omnia Returns to Avalon Hollywood [EDM Tunes Interview]


Omnia, a young self-taught producer from the Ukraine, has become one of the most exciting and fast rising progressive trance artists to hit the scene. Set to perform with Shogun at Avalon Hollywood, Omnia shares his secrets to success exclusively here with EDM Tunes. Check out his latest radio show, aptly titled as the ‘Los Angeles Edition’
You started producing Trance when you were just a young kid. What made you fall in love with trance over the other genres?

Yeah I started producing at a pretty early age! I was playing piano when I was kid, then I heard electronic music that absolutely changed my mind. I was about 14 when I first tried music sequencers and virtual music instruments, spending days on end in my small room trying to create something. And it was a long journey til I found music genre which totally inspired me. I think in 2005 I heard ‘A State Of Trance’ radio show by Armin van Buuren and from that point I found my goal. I wanted to produce a track that would sound right in the ASOT radio show. So this is how it has started for me. At that time, I didn’t even think that in a few years I would be performing on the same stage with Armin and such big DJs around the world!

Since you’ve been producing music for over a decade, what has kept you inspired throughout your career?

I’m trying to get inspiration from everything around me. Different cities, people, places, music from other artists, technologies, art… Everything changes and that’s why it keeps me inspired! And right now I feel even more inspired than 10 years ago! Right now I think I can do something big, create something more special than ever before, and hopefully I will inspire someone else in future!

What’s the future for Omnia? What can we expect for 2016?

Definitely new productions!  But my goal right now is to finish my debut album. Unfortunately it’s taking a long time but I really want to do something I’ll be proud of. I don’t want to release 10 similar tracks J Also I’m working on a few collaborations with such amazing producers as Ben Gold, David Gravell and some really talented vocalists. Will definitely drop something in Los Angeles on Saturday!

Your song ‘For The First Time’ got ranked #5 in ‘A State of Trance” ‘Tune Of The Year 2015’ How does it feel getting such support from the fans?

It’s amazing! I was a little bit shocked, because track was released really close to the date when the voting started. It’s so crazy to have such huge support! For me it means a lot that people really appreciate my music and follow me everyday! So it gives me so much strength to move on!

You rang in the New Year performing in Seoul. How was that experience?

Oh it was crazy! I really love to play at New Years events because it’s always special! I think it’s something in the air when people step into the New Year and they always have this special mood and so much energy to celebrate! And this time in Seoul was one of the greatest club events ever for me at Ocatagon. It’s so cool to have an opportunity to play my music in so different parts of the world every weekend!

Last time you performed in LA was exactly a year ago. What can we expect different with this set?

That’s right! Last time was amazing! I’ve really enjoyed playing my set! And this time first of all people can hear my new productions. It’s so nice to have an opportunity to play at such legendary venues as Avalon and test my new tracks for the first time!