Raver Uses Gloving As Treatment For Cerebral Palsy


The impact that electronic music has on the everyday lives of music fans differs from person to person. For some, going to their favorite show or putting on headphones represents an escape from their problems. For others, it might just help them push through their workout, or pass the time for their daily commute. Whatever purpose it may serve, electronic dance music carries it’s own unique meaning and significance to each and every life it touches. In the case of Matthew Fernandez, electronic dance music was exactly what he needed to help him through his lifelong disease.

Born with cerebral palsy, a debilitating disorder that inhibits certain voluntary muscle movements, making certain actions like walking and talking difficult. Without a known cure, most individuals are condemned to living a fairly limited lifestyle. In an interview with Thump magazine, Matthew discusses how gloving – the popular rave art using LED-fingered gloves to perform intricate movements – has served as a physical and mental therapy helping him cope with his disorder. Gloving has gone so far as to unite Matthew with the rest of his siblings, as his brother Michael –  an acclaimed glover with Emazing Lights –  and his sister Nana are both heavily involved in the EDM scene. When asked about his brother, Michael states:

“We’ve been sitting down and we’ve been teaching him new moves and evolving his hand movements. Matthew has gained a wider movement of his hands than from just physical therapy alone. Even more than that, he’s developed a sense of confidence and belief that comes from expressing himself creatively and immersing himself in a culture.”

The overall article is a testament to the unifying power of electronic dance music. Music brings together people of all races, background and cultures, and doesn’t discriminate accordingly. Matthew’s tale is but one of countless stories of how electronic dance music has positively impacted the lives of it’s listeners. It’s stories like these that remind us here at EDMTunes of all the good that electronic dance music brings. Check out a video of Matthew gloving below and be sure to read about his feel good story over at Thump.

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