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Supplier Of Dangerous Superman Pills Sentenced To 6 Years In Jail


It’s been just over 12 months since the deaths of Justas Ropas, 22, Gediminas Kulokas, 24, John Hocking, 20, and Daniel Bagnall, 27, were all blamed on the, now infamous, pink superman pills being distributed in Europe. Reports claim that a manufacturer had produced the pill with a chemical less expensive than MDMA. They were described as, “some of the most dangerous pills masquerading as ecstasy known to man.” As a result, at least four deaths were linked to the drug, believed to be an incredibly dangerous stimulant called para-Methoxy-N-methylamphetamine (PMMA).

Poland-native, Damian Malolepszy, was convicted on 3 charges of drug possession: Class A and Class B. He was found not guilty on distribution charges. Malolepszy will serve 6 years in English prison before he is deported back to Poland. Unfortunately, this is probably not the last time dangerous drugs flood our nightclubs. It’s another reminder to us all that if you’re going to partake in extracurricular activities, make sure you know what you’re taking, and that you have the support of your friends.

Source: Thump

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