22 Things We Learned from Arty’s Reddit AMA


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a dance music artist do a big Reddit AMA, but today Russian producer Arty sat down for 3 hours to answer questions from fans across the internet. We collected 22 of the most interesting things we learned from the answers after the jump.

1He loved Star Wars Episode VII

“I’ve seen it 3 times and it’s defo one of my favorite SW movies (most favorite after Empire Strikes Back). Cast is brilliant, I love new characters (chemistry between Ridley and Boyega is top notch ;)) and it’s such a great start for Episdoe VIII while they left a lot of questions not answered.”

2He has a lot of respect for Mat Zo’s new production forum

“It’s great when experienced producer can give some help to musicians who needs it, doesn’t matter what kind of way. If he will find the time to maintain his support on this forum, that would be amazing. Also, time now is a bit different than 5-6 years ago. People got used to self-education, there is so much information on youtube and other blogs and there is way more quality music out there cause of its reason. Not in particular house/progressive genre, but just overall.”

3There were several versions of “Stronger”, including a Mat Zo collab that couldn’t get released.

“Well, there was a really first version we both played on EDC Vegas in 2014. And that was collab in all senses. But both of us were not sure about final quality and we never found a time to finish it in appropriate way. Mat did a second version, but sample he used was nearly impossible to clear, so there was no way to give it official release. That’s how you have third version of Stronger, which is on the album. Maybe we will consider give the first version away, but it mostly depends on Mat side, cause I would love to do it.”

4 He addressed criticism about the change in his sound on his album versus his older style.

“With “Glorious” I wanted to discover myself in many musical ways as possible. Cause for me the album isn’t something where you wanna do the showcase of your significant sound, but being creative and not style-attached. That’s the reason why there is pop records on a par with my old-school sound, instrumentals and some experimental (for me personally) electronic music. Also, keep in mind I gathered a lot of old ideas for this album, that I did back in 2010-2011, like Up All Night for example (most of the track was made like 5 years ago). By the way, it took me a lot of time to finish it and I was really concentrated on it the whole time, so it’s nice to change the focus on more club-oriented music again, that I’ve been missing a lot. Since my album is done, I made a lot of ideas and finished a bunch of the tracks, that you would consider as my “old-school” sound. You will be able to make your opinion about it later this year :)”

5 He never wanted to make a cash grab or jump on the future house bandwagon.

“I never rushed my style cause of cash. I always took myself far from future house for example, cause it’s not something I wanna produce and don’t feel connection (there is certain tracks that I really dig and play live tho)”

6He’s got a collab with Audien and more in 2016

“there is a lot of plans for 2016 sinice album is done. We’re doing something really cool with Audien, I’m making a lot of music on my own as well, I’m really excited about this year tbh”

7He considers Anjunabeats his family and has exciting plans in store with them soon.

“Anjunabeats is indeed family for me. We’ve been together for such a long time and never lost a track of each other. Even while I’ve been working on my album, we’ve been in touch a lot. Those are great people and really supporitve, so I carry a lot of good memories about ABGT 050 and Anjuna overall. I can’t really tell exact plans, but we have something coming up :)”

8His Porter Robinson “Lionearted” remix was almost lost forever.

“It was a big pain, cause my project has crashed few hours before the deadline when I was making outro beats. Somehow I recovered it and submit the whole thing right in time. But seriously, it was such a good opportunity for me. I love Porter’s album and I’m quite happy I was able to remix on of the singles and play it live and get amazing reaction on it.”

9His favorite champion in League of Legends

“Vayne has insane demand to your mechaincs and positioning. most challenging and fun way to play.”

10His wildest show ever was in Panama City Beach, Florida.

“I’d say Panama City Beach. It was a spring break and the whole crowd literally didn’t give a fuck what kind of music you’re playing, They just enjoyed it and enjoyed themselves. And the energy level was something else. I’m not saying it was the best, but on the wildest for sure.”

11The track and album he finds most beautiful:

“Track wise it would be hybrid – finished symphony (deadmau5 remix). I still remember the whole palette of emotions I had after first listen. Speaking about the album, it would be Oceanlab – Sirens of the Sea, when you have life moment associations with most of the tracks on the record, you know how great it is.”

12He teased a Jason Ross remix of one of his tracks.

“not collab, but they’re doing something for me (Jason is already done with it:))”

13He described the moment he decided to plunge headfirst into DJing

“It was first lecture in university, I was sitting there, listening to professor and realizing it’s not something I wanna commit myself to. So for the 5 years while I’ve been studying there, all of free time I had, I would spend on music making. I made this decision when I was quite young, but there no right or wrong time to start it. I got a degree tho :)”

14He absolutely hates dealing with travel visas.

“You’re touching the most painful topic for dj from Russia lol Back in 3 years, it could be complete hell to deal with visas, when I had 1 pasport. Cause there is different types of visas you need and every embassy takes totally random time to stamp it if they will even stamp it. Now it’s a bit different. I have 2 pasports, I have travel agent, visa agent and tour manager who will make sure we have enough time to get all of the necessary visas. Also in last 3 years I changed about 5-6 pasports cause they would have no free pages left.”

15He likes Bass House more than Future House

“I personally like bass house more than future house (which is ridiculous name tho), it just feels that it has more diversity and producer’s approach is a bit more creative, in terms of sound design, but it’s just my opinion.”

16A 9 to 5 job is his biggest nightmare.

“Regular 9-5 is my BIGGEST NIGHTMARE since I was in university even when I tried to think about life like that.”

17His pre-show ritual

“I’m always on my laptop before the show, cause I’m always trying out new demos/edits/mashups, especially before big one. But in most cases, you’re getting to town, playing the show at same night and taking off next morning. There is some exclusions, like when I’m playing shows in LA (which is my second home atm) for example. Cause all of your friends would be there, and it’s just way more fun before and after show.”

18He addressed will.i.am’s theft of “Rebound”

“peaceful settlement without taking it further to lawsuit”

19On joining Axtone or starting his own label:

“We dicussed it with Ax couple of times but it never went to any sort of purposal. I love Ax and Axtone people tho. I’d love to set my record label, but not sure it’s right time now.”

20He takes inspiration from dance music’s best

“Deamau5, Axwell, Eric Prydz”

21He plans to return to his “classic” sound

“I really want to get back to more club-oriented stuff, that I was doing in 2011. That is something you’re gonna hear this year”

22He would love to be a guest at Pensado’s Place

“I wouldn’t mind!”