The ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak Is An All-In-One Electronic Instrument


ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak
In a time and age where everything continues to become smaller and more compact, the once cumbersome and space-taking equipment to produce music is slowly being ripped, sampled and translated into digital and all-in-one products. With this week’s NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show being the pinnacle of new technology for the music industry, plenty of new toys were on display including new CDJs, mixers and synths, but one item stood out in particular. The ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak.

This all-in-one synthesizer, looper, drum machine, sequencer and MIDI controller with a built-in accelerometer works via bluetooth through two parts; a base station and detachable ring controller.

The base houses all of the percussive samples and synth sounds, which via USB or an SD card, has the capability of expansion to fit the needs of the individual user with the ring being the control center for creating melodies and the pressure sensitive drum pads. Even though the ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak doesn’t include a keyboard included, there are preset musical keys to keep its minimal design.

The sequencer features the ability to have up to 33 different parts playing at the same time and when you’re done with your masterpiece, you can mix down the levels separately.


As accelerometer technology continues to make it way into all our devices, why would it be any different for our musical instruments. The particular feature gives the option trigger effects and adjusts sounds by waving or tilting the ARQ with the built-in three-way accelerometer.


You are going to have to wait until April to be able to purchase this bad boy and at a price tag of $599, with all that comes in it, this looks like quite the steal. Can’t wait to hear some power users reviews on this.

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