Daft Punk Gets Trolled On Family Guy… Again


Daft Punk Family Guy

Family Guy is back at it again with another troll of one of dance music’s iconic acts of all time in Daft Punk. The French legends are no strangers to the show, as they appeared on a previous episode. The guys are playing a previously-recorded track on an old-school Casio keyboard when a mailman enters the scene with a Grammy award. This came after Daft Punk surprisingly took home 4 Grammy Awards back in 2014. The creators of Family Guy must be big fans due to the fact that they keep bringing them back.

To sum it up without completely spoiling what happens, Peter thinks “Around The World” is Billy Joel‘s “Movin’ Out“, but Cleveland comes up with the clever idea to use Shazam to see who the track is really by. Check out the short clip from the episode below and see what all the fuss is about.