deadmau5 Reveals Futuristic Studio For His Bus Tour


2016 has been the year of deadmau5, with his SoundCloud littered with absolute gems. As his fans eagerly await his mysterious Project Entropy tour, deadmau5 has held us over with everything ranging from short ambient clips to epic, 9 minute long progressive house anthems. He recently dropped two masterful renditions of the latter, in the emotively ethereal “gg” and “saved.” Just two days before he released those powerful homages to his roots, Deadmau5 displayed his impressive versatility with the electro inspired clip titled “gsadfawe4” and exhilarating remixes of Jay-Z and The Beastie Boys called “The Carp Is Mine” and “Fuck You Too.”

In addition to this exceptional streak of releases, deadmau5 is now finding time to go on his label’s bus tour. Mau5trap’s 11 stop Mau5hax tour will travel all across North America, featuring the immensely talented lineup of ATTLAS, Matt Lange, Rezz and Steve Duda. After deadmau5 was confirmed as the special guest the tour had promised, he quickly took to Twitter to reveal his plans for maintaining his frenetic production pace. While many artists would simply keep making music on their laptop, Joel refuses to use anything less than the most state of the art equipment to produce some of electronic music’s most top notch tracks.