deadmau5′ Supercar Receives A Super Wrap



Over the past few years, deadmau5 has publicly displayed his passion for things other than music, including anime, gaming, and most notably, custom cars.  About a year ago, Ferrari sent Joel a cease and desist order for his Nyan Cat themed 458, dubbed “Purrari“.  He then went on to create a Nyan Cat themed Lamborghini which was given the nickname “Purracan” (the original name of the car is a Lamborghini Huracan).

deadmau5’s latest car, a custom wrapped McLaren 650s Spider, has received quite the makeover. The McLaren has been encompassed in a custom skin, courtesy of Sekanskin, which models the classic arcade game, “Space Invaders”. The matte black base color really makes the bright colored space invaders pop. While Joel’s “Grill” may not be an advocate for the car, we think it’s pretty sweet. deadmau5 put the car on display for his Twitter followers, check it out for yourself below.