Diplo & Justin Bieber Have An Unreleased Rap Song


diplo & justin bieber
Diplo and Skrillex have been killing the game lately not only with their solo careers, but also with their side project ‘Jack U‘ which just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü album. Jack U’s global domination began with “Take U There” and of course their collab with Justin Bieber “Where Are U Now”. It topped the charts for a long time and is a bonafide pop sensation, giving Justin Bieber a positive opinion among the dance music community. As it turns out, the collaborating didn’t end with “Where Are U Now” or Sonny’s work on Justin’s album.

“We actually have a crazy track that we never put out with him, like a rap song, too, that you might see in the summer time. He’s busy. He’s gotta promote his album for a long time…He’s gonna be busy for a while doing Purpose, which is a sick album.” –Diplo

In this video, Diplo states that he and Bieber made a rap song together that was never released, and hints that it might drop this summer. We can only imagine what kind of fire this track would be, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that this track eventually sees the light of day. Check out the video below.