Eric Prydz – Last Dragon

Eric Prydz releases one more Opus single before the full release on Friday.


last dragon

Eric Prydz – Last Dragon

In case you didn’t already know, Eric Prydz will finally release Opus this Friday. So far the album has enjoyed single success with the title track “Opus” and the spellbinding vocal track with Rob Swire called “Breathe“. While we’ve heard plenty more about the album and heard tracks from it, Eric went ahead and released one last track prior to the official album release on Friday. This one is called “Last Dragon” and it’s the perfect final teaser for the legendary album.

“Last Dragon” has a bit of a “Pjanoo” vibe to it, and in a lot of ways it sounds like a spiritual successor to the classic Prydz track. It utilizes the same synth sounds but in a much lighter and upbeat style. This is great chilled out driving music with more of that simplistic 80s sound, whereas “Pjanoo” is your quintessential hands in the air progressive house. So far we’ve heard a huge amount of variety in the tracks we will see on Opus, and we can barely contain our excitement as the release nears.┬áCheck out “Last Dragon” now on Spotify and get ready for a huge day in music on Friday.