This Nightclub’s LED Lights Are Controlled By People’s Movements


If you want to be a successful nightclub in today’s world, good music just isn’t going to cut it. Venues have to find creative ways to set themselves apart from the pack and one way to achieve this is through some next-level production. The Year in São Paulo is a great example of this, as the venue comes with a huge half-cage contraption dangling over the dance floor. The structure is lit up with LED lights and is controlled by the movements of the clubbers as well as the temperature of the room.

Right now, you’re probably thinking “How the heck is that possible?” Don’t worry, the same thing happened to me. There is a censor above the dance floor that responds to actions from both attendees and The Year’s DJ.

“It’s a dancefloor that reacts to the guests’ stimulation, working as an extension of their own bodies.” – Guto Requena (Club’s Architect)

The Year is a 700-capacity club found in the city of Vila Nova Leopoldina and it has three bars, a VIP area and of course, two amazing dance floors filled with LEDs. Have a look at this incredible club in the video below and if you ever take a trip to Brazil, this might be worth checking out.




H/T: Mixmag