‘PANIC IN LA’ To Bring Together The Best of The City’s Storied Music Scene


LA’s music scene is undoubtedly one of the most prominent, prolific, powerful, and evolutionary scenes of the western world, if not the entire globe. Be it dance music, hip-hop, pop, rock, indie, alt, whatever, the SoCal hub serves as a welcoming home for creators and fans alike. It’s no wonder the city has served as an the origin of world class mega events like EDC and HARD Summer, or the homes to their corresponding events companies; these are obvious examples of the city’s bustling musical biome, if not a little too easy though. The real driving force for the city’s constant growth and swelling success is its underground scene. Here you’ll find the true innovators, those who are supplementing their fans attendees with the latest in greatest in cutting edge music and creative use of both new and old spaces. L’Affarie Musicale & Ouija Entertainment are two of LA’s most notable entries in the family of events companies, and they’re next project is one with a mission to bridge the gap between fans and artists across all genres.


Matt Orlove (Ouija) and Tom Astley (L’Affaire Musicale) joined forces upon the realization they were both working towards the same thing: bringing music to the people that so crave it, and building a community from within their events. It’s clearly worked for them, as they’ve earned attention with nationwide press from the likes of Huffington Post with the ever successful Wicked Paradise pool parties (kicking off again with Moon Boots on March 13th), and they’re next endeavor, PANIC IN LA, may be their most ambitious yet. The series will strive to bring together a blend of musical styles from across the ages, seeking to bring together fans of all types. The inaugural show will take place on March 11th at the Belasco Theatre (see flier below) and plays host golden age hip-hop legend DJ Premier, alongside Giraffage, Craze and more. Ouija and L’Affaire will continue producing standout electronic oriented events like their pool party series, but expect PANIC IN LA to your go-to for eclectic showings, live performances, and a tight family atmosphere.