Skrillex Delves Further Into The K-Pop World With 4minute’s “Hate”



Lately, Skrillex has shown a very keen interest in working with K-pop artists. His song “Dirty Vibe” featured G-Dragon of BIGBANG and CL of 2NE1, both of whom are the lead rappers of their groups. For his latest project with South Korea’s finest, he has teamed up with the 5 ladies of 4minute to create a track that is packed with emotion and rage, rightfully titled “Hate“.

The track starts out slow and then quickly builds into an explosion of angry horn instruments. Even though the song is in a language that most people do not understand, it does not take a genius to assume that the track revolves around the feeling of hatred and the anger that accompanies it. An inspection of the translation of the lyrics reveals that the song is about ending a pointless relationship that fell into a hole of darkness and hatred. It is clear to see that Skrillex has truly taken a liking to the style of K-pop, so only time will tell who he chooses to work with next.