Steve Aoki Wants America To ‘Feel The Bern’


steve aoki

When TMZ asked superstar DJ/ producer Steve Aoki about his thoughts on throwing a “Feel the Bern” rave, the Japanese-American artist seemed to be all for it. Bernie Sanders is perhaps one of the most likable, forward-thinking candidates in the current presidential race. His views are greatly in line with younger Americans and his campaign has been incredibly focused on the college population. As Aoki was leaving LAX, LA’s international airport, a TMZ reporter asked him about the idea of throwing a rave for the candidate. Aoki replied, “It would be an awesome cause, and something that the whole nation can rally around.”

But what’s important here is not Steve Aoki’s political views, or anybody’s for that matter. What’s important is the fact that the youth of America (and all Americans in general) need to be more engaged in politics. During the 2012 presidential election, only 54.9% of eligible voters came to the polls to exercise their right to vote. Comparing this to the record-high turnout of 81.8% in 1876, it is hard to understand why more Americans are too lazy to follow politics. Yes, it can be a boring subject at times, but it is important that we do not take our rights for granted. So whether you are voting for Sanders or not, please just go out and vote. Don’t vote for whoever you are told to vote for, but vote on your conscience. To get a look at which candidate aligns best with your views, take this short quiz.