[EXCLUSIVE] The Voyagers & AABEL – Trunk Banger


Trunk Banger

The Voyagers & AABEL – Trunk Banger

After hitting the airwaves as an ID last month, this little number has garnered well over 100,000 plays, and has stirred up quite the commotion in identifying its creators. With rumors swirling of the possibility of Hi-Lo, JAUZ, EPHWURD, or Curbi the hype for “Trunk Banger” has swelled to near climax, so we think it’s time we shed some light on the truth. A truth we think you can handle (or not). “Trunk Banger” comes from none of these artists, talented and prolific as they may be, instead this roof raiser owes its swaggy attitude and heavy beats to the likes of The Voyagers & AABEL. It story is yet another example of how accessible this scene is too, as Luuk from the Voyagers met AABEL at the mall by chance and the two hit the studio soon after.

“Since then we spent about three months in a row working on tracks every single day. Sometimes working together or just working on our own tracks and helping each other out. One of the collaborations we did turned out to be ‘Trunk Banger’.”  – Luuk, The Voyagers

“One of the collaborations,” eh? Well we hope to hear more from this crew, as we’re pretty pleased with this gem. Out on February 29th, “Trunk Banger” is a Spinnin’ Records release with undeniable potential for real world applications on the festival circuit, and with festival season coming around the corner, expect to hear this with support from the fellow Spinnin’ crew members mentioned above. Check it out in full here before anywhere else, and make sure to grab this baby when it drops on the 29th!