These Are The Top 5 Countries For Hardcore EDM Fans


As the rapid growth and expansion of electronic dance music has swept across North America, we’ve heard very little in regards to it’s global surge in popularity. With so many new shows launching across the country every year, we’ve failed to appreciate the growing number of festivals popping up worldwide. With so many different cultures all combining across the globe in celebration of electronic music, it has to be asked – which country does it best?

In an article featured in Insomniac, journalist Drew Goldberg talks about how he has visited more than 75 countries over the course of 3 years, raving and exploring the local dance scene within each location. After all his travels, Drew shared his experiences, and gave a detailed summary of his favorite counties to visit for electronic dance music fans looking to take their party overseas.

Coming in at #5 is Sweden, which should be no surprise given the all star list of Swedish DJ’s like Avicii, Alesso and Dada Life.

India is at #4, as Drew praised it’s incredible beach raves and the massive growth of psychedelic trance music.

The Netherlands shows up at #3 as reigning capital of house music in Europe, with famed clubs like ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Club NL’ spinning some of the hottest sub genres worldwide.

The surprise entry from the list was the Philippines, which Drew highlighted for having some of the “biggest, most luxurious and impressive [nightclubs] that I’ve ever been to in my life”.

On top of the list was South Korea – which Drew credits to their cheap rice liquor,  lively and energetic culture, and their innate dancing abilities – as being the number one destination of hardcore ravers looking for an trip abroad.

Check out the full article here, and be on the lookout for any festivals popping up in those countries if you’re looking to take your EDM experience to another level.