20 Things We Learned During the Andrew Bayer & Jason Ross AMA

Andrew Bayer & Jason Ross

1Does Andrew Bayer consider himself as Above & Beyond’s 4th Member?

“Haha that’s a tricky question. I think we’re all a team working for what’s best for A&B. So I don’t really think of it like that…if that makes sense! I love working with them because collaborative work is extremely fulfilling, and they have such a massive platform. That part to me is kind of crazy. I remember my last tour, we had just finished the arrangement of AI and no one knew it. Then they debuted it at ABGT, and boom. The reaction is CRAZY now! Same with a lot of my newer stuff too, but it takes way longer for people to get to know my solo stuff. With A&B it’s kind of instant. That blows my mind.”

2On his level of involvement with Above & Beyond

“I’ve been involved actually since before Group Therapy. It totally does vary from track to track. To be honest, it’s just different every time. I think we make a pretty great team, as everyone has different strengths that they bring to the table. We are all very opinionated which you’d think would be an issue, but it shows how passionate we are about what we do as Above & Beyond. When I go into their studio or work remotely for them, I am putting my best foot forward. I don’t think that differently because I’m working with A&B. I’m thinking at that time: what is the best thing I could do for this track? I love the guys so much, they are family.”

3What ever happened to Andrew Bayer’s Artificial Project with Norin & Rad?

“We’re really close friends, we were joking around, which is kind of what we’re always doing. I love Bruce too, which is why there isn’t any more Artificial, as Artificial was very much all three of us. And once Nick and Bruce decided to pursue different careers, it didn’t feel right continuing on with Artificial. They’re both super talented guys, and they’re killing it right now.”

4Would Andrew release more music on Anjunadeep?

“I’d love to do some more stuff on Anjunadeep! I need more time in the studio 🙂 Will certainly happen.”

5On Andrew’s evolving sound

“I’ve been slowly shifting a bit more progressive so that I can incorporate some of my older sounds and styles into my sets these days. I love the flexibility it gives me, because some of my more big room stuff works well towards the end of my sets now. I’d like to do an album that is more along the lines of It’s Artificial in some ways, but still having some of that flavor that If It Were You We’d Never Leave brought to the table too. I want to work with some more vocalists too though, as I really love songwriting.”

6Andrew: Who is one of the most underrated artists on Anjunabeats?

“Hard question to answer. Not underrated at all, as I think everyone loves him but I LOVE Maor Levi’s music. For a while he wasn’t releasing on Anjuna, and still has a ton of other projects going on, but he has graced us again with his amazing talent, and I appreciate that extremely”

7Andrew’s favorite track that he wrote

“That’s hard. A Brief Interlude is up there. From my clubby stuff….Perth was one of my favorites….Super Human is really special to me, and kind of isn’t my track as Asbjorn did such an incredible job on the song (and blew me away). I’ve been closing my sets with Super Human now and it never gets old because I just played the piano, Asbjorn told the story! He’s incredible.”

8Andrew Bayer’s love for Eric Prydz

“Some sets on this tour have been literally 100% music I have produced from start to finish. I personally saw DJs when I was getting into the music scene because I liked tracks they had put out, or albums. I saw Eric Prydz, and he kind of changed the way I thought about DJs. His sets are almost all his own music, under different monikers etc. He is god to me, and such a huge inspiration.”

9His Hip-Hop Beats and Interests

“I fucking love J Dilla. Obsessed. I have a ton of beats lying around like that which I will someday come back to and release something, somehow. Definitely haven’t closed that door, just waiting for the right moment to come back (and the time, fuck!)”

10On how it feels to Answer to touch people with music

“Whenever I don’t have to get up early, I try and stick around and hang with people at my shows and it never ceases to hit me right in the feels when people say that to me. It’s a crazy thing to contemplate, and it’s something that I’m really lucky to be a part of. I’m lucky in the fact that I’m doing what I love, and doing it selfishly and some people are touched by it. If I thought too much about that during the writing process, I feel like my music would become…I don’t know! Different I guess. I try to always write what I’m in the mood for writing, and when I get positive feedback from people, it does just blow me away. So thank you :)”

11Andrew is working on a new album

“I am about to start working on my next album. No idea what it’ll be like, but definitely want to work with some singer / songwriters and incorporate that in there.”

12How other Anjunabeats producers have helped Jason’s style evolve

“I’ve always had a sound that I’ve been striving toward, but you’re always going to be influenced by all the new music that’s out there. Just listening to Above & Beyond’s radio show, I always seem to hear a track that really stands out to me.”

13Jason’s favorite track to produce

“My favorite track to produce so far has probably been ‘Cairo’. It all just came together so seamlessly. Every track has their own journey and experience, it’s all about enjoying the ride!”

14Jason’s tip for an aspiring producer

“Make the music you LOVE to make and listen to. For a while, I was making stuff that was popular and that I thought people wanted me to make, but it wasn’t getting anywhere. It wasn’t until I threw that out and really focused on music I love to make that I started to get noticed. My track ‘Burma’ was the first of those, and it was supported by Above & Beyond on their radioshow for 3 weeks in a row (my heart skipped 3 beats!). That’s essentially how all of this began for me, so I feel very strongly about that.”

15Jason’s favorite electronic album in recent memory?

“Loving that new Eric Prydz album!”

16He wouldn’t rule out making a 138bpm track

“Never say never. :)”

17The most surprising thing on tour?

Andrew Bayer

Honestly, DC was so shocking. My set time was really early and I was worried that it was going to be pretty dead when I got on. I was so wrong. My home town came to support, and the club was electric at like 10PM. It was really emotional actually! I love this crew. We’re kind of ridiculous with each other. Bluestone is SUCH a character it’s crazy. He kind of sorts everyone out in hilarious ways. It’s hard to explain, but like if you ever need anything, you go to Bluestone and you’re set. The guy is from another planet. Such a dude. But everyone is equally my favorite (vomit)

Jason Ross

“The most shocking thing that’s happened is how packed all these venues have been. It’s just amazing to see how much love there is for Anjunabeats and their artists. <3 2. Most fun Anjuna producer to travel with is literally all the guys on this tour. Couldn’t have picked a better crew! 3. Thanks so much! I’d choose Ilan, Andrew, and Grum for a B2B2B set. :)”

18The first song they fell in love with

Jason Ross

“ATB – 9pm (Till I Come)”

Andrew Bayer

“Seriously it was from the same album. ATB – My Dream. We’re jamming to it now”

19Their Favorite producers of the moment

Andrew Bayer

“I know this is a bit of a circle jerk, but honestly I LOVE Grum’s music. He is amazing and such a cool guy.”

Jason Ross

“Wrechiski and Oliver Smith are putting out some great stuff right now. I always try to throw in one of their tracks in my sets!”

20Their favorite track of eachothers’

Andrew Bayer

“ATLAS. GOD. Fuck him for making that. It’s so good”

Jason Ross

“By far ‘Do Androids Dream Pt 2’! When I heard him premiere it at Madison Square Garden for ABGT100, my heart literally skipped a beat. So amazing.”